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Reco and sensing as success factor

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“‘Frag Henry! is an essential component in strengthening our Revenue.”

An overview of our services

Taste Marketing Excellence

Retail environment is changing rapidly. Consumers expect accessibility to their Products of Interest with increasing amounts of content, at any time, anywhere. The complexity of taste categories such as wine impede quick consumer action and lengthen the purchase process. Marketing potentials have not been exhausted.

As experts in taste marketing, we lead consumers quickly and efficiently to the recommended product and increase your customers’ lifetime and value. The basis for sustainable and profitable growth in all sales channels.

Reco Engine

Sensory is our factor of success! Based on taste our Reco Engine HENRY delivers personalized recommendations in real-time and successfully creates emotional shopping convenience and great customer satisfaction.

PIM/ Content Management

Our clients benefit from high quality data standards and process centralization leading to money-saving synergy effects that are out of reach of “Do-it-yourself” methods.

Data Analytics:

Intelligent evaluation and analysis of data serves as basis for efficient CRM and optimized Portfolio-Management.


360°- marketing solutions through optimized connectivity of all sales channels. Consumers experience their journey anywhere & at any time. We support you also with our graphics, technical and marketing expertise.

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Sensing as success factor

HENRY – the taste expert

HENRY ist the personalized sales assistant that consistently recommends the right taste product to your consumers at any time

Sustainable growth is only possible through constant quality results! Consumer trust is only won through recommended shopping experiences that don’t betray the consumers taste. In comparison, cohort and content based recommendation systems will never fully satisfy individual consumers. Our award-winning taste algorithms are based on scientificly reproducable sensorial profiles and on independent product analyses. Thanks to collaborative filtering methods and the addition of new datasets the scalability of HENRY is limitless.
HENRY is a futuristic milestone of digital marketing.

Our recipe

4 Pillars to Success

Our actions aim to increase customer satisfaction. Consistently accurate recommendations have proven to increase customer lifetime and value which deliver the basis to amortize the investments in the digital business. We provide highly flexible content usage and excellent data quality together with optimized processes. Not only does this benefit you in lower costs but also in a better differentiation from your competition. Fact is, sales have increased for all our clients.

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